Players for the Planet Welcomes Cincinnati Reds pitcher Zack Weiss

With all of the pressing environmental issues facing the world today, it is more important than ever that humans begin to truly understand the impact that their daily activities have on the planet. I am extremely excited to join Players for the Planet and help baseball be on the forefront of making societal changes for the betterment of our environment. Actions we take today can have a lasting positive or negative effect on future generations and I am happy to be on a team that prioritizes leaving the world better than we found it.

Zack Weiss is a Southern California native who was born and raised in Irvine, California. After graduating from Northwood High School, Weiss attended UCLA where he played baseball and was a member of the 2013 National Championship team. Since 2013, Weiss has been a pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds organization, reaching the Major Leagues for the first time in 2018. A Geography and Environmental Studies major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems, Weiss has had a passion for environmental science and how to to best take scientific data and present it to individuals who can make better informed decisions in their daily lives.